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“I have written more than 100 books, and you were one of the best copy editors that I ever worked with.  You were intelligent, responsive, and understanding. A real pleasure.”

Steven G. Krantz

Professor of Mathematics

Washington University in

St. Louis

"My journey in copyediting started at the same boutique editing company where Santhosh started his. It is here that I trained, essentially under Santhosh, who infused in me his love for the language and grammar, for learning, and for scholarly reading. Editing textbooks with a like-minded team headed by Santhosh brought joy into what may seem a dry and mundane job.  It is all the learning that I imbibed here that has sustained me all these years at the Indian Academy of Sciences, where I edit scientific journals.
It is his academic mindset that has helped him branch out into editing scientific papers and training manuals, among other scholarly works. I would highly recommend Santhosh to anyone who wishes to publish anything in academia, more so if the manuscript has language and expression problems—Santhosh would relish it! He would edit it with the care, knowledge, and sensitivity that are his hallmarks."

Sushila Rajagopal 

Editorial Office

Journal of Biosciences

Indian Academy of Sciences Bengaluru

"I would recommend Santhosh to anyone who needs quality copyediting services. He is reliable and prompt, has high copyediting standards, and provides excellent suggestions."

Nuno Fernandes

Full Professor of Finance at IESE Business School


"Santhosh is my copyediting guru … in the sense that he coached me on my first job in the industry 20 years ago, and I still beeline to him when faced with hardcore grammar dilemmas.

Santhosh nurses a genuine love for the language; has a solid STM background; and is meticulous, punctual, and dependable. He has freelanced for our copyediting group for many years now – and is easily one of the best copyeditors I have known.

Highly recommended!"

Aravind Kannankara

Director & Coordinator

Innovord Solutions


"Santhosh is a copy editor par excellence.  After doing literally a world-wide search that spawned about 100 resumes from all overEngland, Australia, the U.S., South Africa, etc.I recruited Santhosh for one of my companies that created and programmed a dynamic Web-based platform for preparing students for the MCAT. 

This entailed digitizing a popular MCAT textbook.  Santhosh was responsible for ensuring that the transfer from the print textbook to the online textbook was grammatically, including syntactically, correct. 

In addition, Santhosh is an expert in semantics, and he helped our Medical Director and author explain complex medical concepts in a way  that could be easily understood by the student."

Karl Rajani


Horizon Healthcare Inc.



"It is a privilege to provide this letter of reference for Santhosh Matthew Paul.  During the early stages of development of our e-learning platform Santhosh was an exceptional addition to our team.  His ability to work with our vision and bring his level of professionalism is what is most remembered and certainly appreciated.
Santhosh quickly understood the impact of his work on our targeted audience.  With this in mind, Santhosh took the work of copyediting and delivery of well-crafted content very seriously.  His attention to detail and diligence to the task at hand brought about impeccable results each time.
I can state with confidence that Santhosh will bring great value, expertise, and proficiency to any team he is on.  I certainly enjoyed our work experience.  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions."

Janice Moreland

CEO – MFM Medical Enterprises

Las Vegas

"Santhosh's diligence and attitude were worth their weight in gold."

Jason C. Sparks


Logical Steps

“My book would not have seen the light of day but for Santhosh's guidance throughout the project. As the primary editor, he was involved in every step, from language review and content structure to formatting and cover design.”

Vivek Sardana


Straight from the Gut: Battling Inflammatory Bowel Disease

"You are now an integral part of the second reprint edition, Santhosh, and I thank you for your unstinted help."

Aqueel Farooqi


Ankush Days: The Story of Ishtiaq, Mahout of Corbett Tiger Reserve 

"I am happy that I found you, Santhosh. You are at a different level. You have the intensity and passion to get things perfect. My book has been transformed!"

Kathiravan Krishnamurthi


Thirukkural: A Snapshot of the Sastras?

"You didn't just fix what had to be fixed but improved it much beyond what was expected, and for that I am very grateful!"

Shubhangi Gupta

First Author

Long-Term Climate Compatible Growth for India: Modeling Low-Carbon Pathways and Policies for India's Power, Industry, and Transport Sectors

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