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Copying Text with Tracked Changes in MS Word

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

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I had to deal with this problem when I copied and pasted a chapter from a book into a new document, only to discover that the tracked changes had not been copied. I wanted the tracked changes in the new document, and was surprised to find them missing. Googling showed the way. I had forgotten the technique after learning it once, and I'm hoping that writing this down here will help me remember next time.

The rule is simple: before copying and pasting the text, turn Track Changes off in both the source and target documents. The tracked changes will then be transferred to the target document.

Having written these lines, I now know why I had forgotten this technique: it's so counterintuitive as to be paradoxical! You want tracked changes, so you naturally turn Track Changes off. :-)

I learned this tip from the following article:


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