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Updated: Aug 5, 2023

On my home page, I wrote that academic copyediting "is hardly the most exciting profession in the world, but neither is it the most staid; it does have its moments ..." Here, in this blog, I record some of these "moments."

You will also find random takes on anything to do with books, reading, and language drawn from a variety of sources ranging from the usual suspects (the manuscripts I edit—after suitable alterations to disguise the original text—and the books, magazines, and newspapers I read) to the improbable (street photography). I'll also describe my favorite software tools (and some hardware too) and the little technical tricks that have helped smooth my workflow over the years.

I currently have 17 years' worth of disjointed notes scattered in various digital repositories and physical notebooks. This blog is an opportunity to sift through them and house those worth salvaging under one roof.

I will be writing primarily for myself, journal style, but naturally I hope that others will find something of interest in my navel gazing. If you feel moved to say something, do speak up.

All the photos in this blog were taken by myself, unless credited to other sources. The home page banner photo was shot from Cochin's Marine Drive waterfront in 2007. The bookshelf shown on the My Profile page is mine. The butterfly photo on the blog landing page was shot in Alappuzha in 2011. The photo that heads this post was shot from the Ernakulam Boat Jetty. Something in the air here makes for picture postcard sunsets.



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