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The Case of the Sticky Figure

It seemed simple enough. The style called for figure captions to be placed above figures (in fact, they were even called figure titles), and in my document, the caption was placed below the figure. I cut the caption, placed the cursor after the last sentence above the figure, and hit the Enter key.

Surprise! The figure should have moved down, creating space for the figure caption to be pasted over it as a title. Instead, the figure stayed where it was, and text below the figure moved down. Annoying!

A little Googling produced the fix. I right-clicked the figure, selected "Wrap Text," and clicked the first option: "In Line with Text."

That solved the problem. The figure moved down, and I was able to place the caption above the figure. Yes, the "Move with Text" option was checked, so the figure should have moved down. For some reason, it didn't.

I've bookmarked this page in case I run into positioning problems with figures again:


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