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Academic and Nonfiction Copyediting  from the Spice Coast

If you have text that you plan to publish, then you need a copyeditor, the last person who will read your text before the world does. Browse these pages to learn about the world of the academic copyeditor. It's hardly the most exciting profession in the world, but neither is it the most staid; it does have its moments, especially for those with a certain bent of mind.

Check out my blog, where I post about learnings from my work and the books I read for pleasure and instruction. If you have more than a passing interest in language, then I think you will find the content of more than academic interest.

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I'm Santhosh Matthew Paul, an academic copyeditor who has been working with authors, professors, research organizations, and publishing services companies since 2004.

Some Testimonials

“I have written more than 100 books, and you were one of the best copyeditors that I ever worked with.  
You were intelligent, responsive, and understanding. A real pleasure.”
Steven G. Krantz, Professor of Mathematics, Washington University in St. Louis

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