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The Case of the Jumping Table

The deadline was near, and I had to copy a table the author had sent into the main document. A routine task—except that the table would jump up from the insertion point and leapfrog over a paragraph to the top of the page.

It was frustrating, but I found the solution by Googling:

Select the table by clicking inside it and then clicking on the white cross that appears on the top left corner of the table. Right-click the table, and click on "Table Properties." Set "Text wrapping" to "None"; in my case, it had been set to "Around," which made the table float on text as though it was buoyant.

This did the trick! The table didn't move up. Thank you, IT Support Guides!

Googling a technical problem almost always turns up a solution. Sometimes, one has to dig deep in forum posts to find the best solution.

I also came across this post on misbehaving tables in a blog that I follow, CyberText. The comments below the post also contain useful information, so if you ever have a misbehaving table on your hands, check out this post:



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